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What is Internet Marketing?

Posted by Charlie Barth On May - 11 - 2011

Have you ever been in a social situation, at a party or with a group of people, where there is a lot of talking and different conversations all going on at the same time (I’m sure most of us have) and, at some point you realize that someone is saying something but no one is really listening to them? They might catch your eye, and they might have even been saying something interesting. But you really wanted to hear the rest of the story that Frank was telling about the carpenter, the podiatrist and the politician.

Well, the same thing happens all the time on the internet, too. And just like the party situation, there could be lots of different reasons why. Someone puts their stuff out there on the internet, but no one responds to it. Could it be that…

  1. No one was able to find it?
  2. People found it but it wasn’t what they were looking for?
  3. People found it but it took too much effort?
  4. People found it but they didn’t understand it?
  5. They found something else that they liked first?
  6. They weren’t intrigued enough by it to respond?
  7. They couldn’t figure out how to respond?
  8. Or some combination of all the above?

If you are looking to put yourself or your business out there on the internet, the best advice that I can give you right here and now is to think of yourself as that person at the party who might be talking when no one is listening. Start by listening to and understanding others first, before you start talking. Make eye contact and only then, after listening, understanding and making eye contact, share your thoughts.

What does this look like when it comes to the internet? Listening to and understanding others first is analogous to doing your homework, checking out your competition, learning as much as possible about if/how others are doing the same thing that you want to do. Making eye contact is similar to developing a strategy, envisioning how your approach to the internet will stand up against your compatriots and/or your competition. And sharing your thoughts is how you make the rubber hit the road, your implementation, resources, technology and final presentation.

Admittedly, there are a lot of different moving parts to building a successful internet presence. On the surface, people may see only a thoughtful blog, or a well designed website. These are just some of the many tools and techniques that we use to establish an internet presence. But what people can not readily see is your strategy, all the gears and pulleys behind the scenes that make everything on the surface work at peak performance.

All of that is Internet Marketing.

Please feel free to post a comment, below, or contact us directly. We’re always happy to answer your questions or help in any way with your Internet Marketing strategy.

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