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The Information Rich versus The Information Poor

Posted by Charlie Barth On February - 2 - 2011

The concept of Rich & Poor does not apply only to money. As little as ten years ago, information was not the commodity that is has become in today’s world. Back then, books, magazines, TV, radio and newspapers were still the predominant forms of media that were used to communicate, not only news and current events, but everything from academic research to mainstream advertising. The problem with those forms of communication was that full access was not available to everyone. And, as a result, those with more time and money became The Information Rich, while those with fewer resources became The Information Poor.

But times have changed and a wealth of information is now freely available to all with just the click of a mouse button. No more rich versus poor. Information has been democratized by the Internet, and The Information Superhighway may be freely travelled by all.

Empowered with this information, as consumers, we are now becoming more and more discriminating. For example, we will spend as much as 90% of our online, internet surfing time just looking for information before making a purchase decision.

So, what does all this mean if you are a business owner?

Clearly, consumer behavior has become very different than it was only ten years ago. In today’s world, successful businesses have realized that information is power, and that they need to offer much more than just their products or services. They need to provide the information that the rest of us are spending 90% of our online time seeking. Because, in order to capture the minds and hearts of the world, businesses need to demonstrate intimate knowledge of both their industry and the true needs of their customers; they need to establish credibility, authority and brand recognition; and they need a plan to accomplish these goals.

What are we talking about? Content Marketing. And the plan is referred to as a Content Blueprint. The Blueprint specifies who, what, where, when and how for all the valuable information that will be shared with the world. The Blueprint is also a living document because, especially in our new digital world, everything is continually changing and evolving. Technology continues to advance and competition, of course, never sits still.

But credibility, authority and trust are not things that can be established overnight. So businesses need to be in it for the long haul. On top of their core products and services, they also need to be information providers and they need to have a plan for converting The Information Poor into The Information Rich.

Comments and alternate points of view are welcome. Please feel free to contact me for more information on developing a Content Blueprint for your business.