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The Communication Generation

Posted by Charlie Barth On May - 4 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

You may have heard of the Lost Generation, the Silent Generation and of course we’ve all heard of the Baby Boomers, right? We also have Generation X, Generation Y and, now most recently, Generation Z. And since we have apparently jumped right to the end of the alphabet, I guess we’re going to have to get a bit more creative when it comes time to name the next generation, don’t you think? But, kidding aside… What I really want to tell you about is the Communication Generation. What’s... (more...)

Giving Away Our Privacy – For Free

Posted by Charlie Barth On January - 30 - 20121 COMMENT

It’s getting easier and easier to throw stones at big companies these days (not to mention our government). We’re still sore from the recent financial collapse and now Google and Facebook have to start making moves that threaten what some would call our innate rights to personal privacy. Excuse me if I’m sounding cynical or militant, but I woke up to a couple pieces of news that set me off this morning. First was the announcement by Market Samurai that they had lost the functionality... (more...)

Is “Social Technology” an Oxymoron?

Posted by Charlie Barth On October - 10 - 201111 COMMENTS

Since the dawn of time, throughout the growth of mankind, we have experienced an evolutionary seesaw characterized by periods of rich social growth alternating with periods of great technological development. It’s gone something like this… Perhaps the earliest technological developments were the the discovery of fire, followed by the invention of the lever, the wheel and other early tools. Then came a shift towards greater social development embodied by prehistoric art forms, cave paintings... (more...)

Another “What is Social Media?” Post

Posted by Charlie Barth On May - 17 - 20112 COMMENTS

I’m not going to bore you with yet another definition of Social Media. You can find millions of different answers to this question all over the internet. For example, just try Wikipedia. And then while you’re at it, you could also find more answers at YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Squidoo, Vimeo, Bebo, Technorati. And of course, there are many, many more out there. So why am I bothering to address this already well worn subject? Well, because yesterday I had an epiphany. I realized that... (more...)

What is Internet Marketing?

Posted by Charlie Barth On May - 11 - 20114 COMMENTS

Have you ever been in a social situation, at a party or with a group of people, where there is a lot of talking and different conversations all going on at the same time (I’m sure most of us have) and, at some point you realize that someone is saying something but no one is really listening to them? They might catch your eye, and they might have even been saying something interesting. But you really wanted to hear the rest of the story that Frank was telling about the carpenter, the podiatrist... (more...)

The Google +1 Button

Posted by Charlie Barth On April - 1 - 201112 COMMENTS

Google is reaching out from beyond the stoic boundries of it’s search engine to test the playful waters of online social interaction. Have you seen it yet? It’s the Google +1 Button. Similar to the way we are able to “like” or “digg” our favorite people, places and things through the multitudes of other online social sites, you can now “+1″ your favorite things on behalf of Google. The new +1 Button is only showing up in selected areas, so far. But... (more...)

The 3 Things That Every Business Needs to Survive

Posted by Charlie Barth On March - 16 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

A business cannot sustain itself, grow, prosper, thrive or even just exist in a vacuum. Every business needs three things to survive. 1)  Lead Generation 2)  Brand Recognition and Credibility 3)  Customer Nurturing/Communication Lead generation is a top priority for many businesses. Without a consistent supply of new prospects, growth is not feasible and the ability to be self-sustaining is difficult at best. Additionally, brand recognition and credibility is what sets one business apart from... (more...)

The Information Rich versus The Information Poor

Posted by Charlie Barth On February - 2 - 20111 COMMENT

The concept of Rich & Poor does not apply only to money. As little as ten years ago, information was not the commodity that is has become in today’s world. Back then, books, magazines, TV, radio and newspapers were still the predominant forms of media that were used to communicate, not only news and current events, but everything from academic research to mainstream advertising. The problem with those forms of communication was that full access was not available to everyone. And, as a result,... (more...)

Joining the Technorati Community

Posted by Charlie Barth On January - 31 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

WSI business Solutions, based in New Hampshire USA, has joined the Technorati community. You may view our profile page here… http://bit.ly/f05FG7 2THW94VEF9WN  Read More →

Avoiding “SEO Junk”

Posted by Charlie Barth On August - 1 - 20105 COMMENTS

The acronym SEO (search engine optimization) has become familiar to many of us. But the term “SEO Junk” may not be as familiar. While others may have seen it used, or even used it themselves, I myself have never seen it in print… until now, that is. So, what is SEO Junk? I like to think of SEO Junk as a sort of virtual, digital version of the term Space Junk, which gained popularity during the Apollo space missions and generally refers to “the collection of objects in orbit... (more...)